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Friends wearing the Intention Stick


Intentional Blessing

"Close your eyes and take a deep breath through your nose so you can ground yourself. First and foremost, may you receive blessings of health, light, love, courage and strength to continue to fill up your beautiful hearts and souls with unconditional love, which will allow you to fully heal. This will allow you to continue to help so many more brothers and sisters heal, which will unify all mankind, so we may all see heaven on earth as it is here now and our true purpose in life to be our authentic selves." 


- Scott Berger

Intention Gifts Attention

Intention (such as love) is a guiding force that helps heal, and helps build inner peace. 


The intention of love in relation to, and combination with two intentions (i.e. peace and health) establishes something exceptionally remarkable for an individual to perceive… 

As one combines their intention of love in relation to peace and health, this improves, focuses, and strengthens upon this guiding force to therefore help further evolve and expand the intention gifts attention approach; that is, within the overall progress, as one moves forward to heal and form inner peace.


The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life is an ancient, universal symbol, established as a theme in many religious and spiritual traditions; and represents the source of divine wisdom.


Because of Scott's profound interest in, and respect for the Tree of Life, this inspired him to design a Tree of Life pendant: with the symbol engraved on the front, and their four children’s names engraved on the back; for Marla, on our twenty-one-year anniversary: December 22, 2011. 

Tree of Life World

Tikkun Olam 

In view of Kabbalah, each intention has different interpretations, and can be applied in different ways. This aspect of interpretations, is also known as seventy-two names of God; and, as seventy-two interpretations… from which we add the premise that each intention is not limited to its one defining word.


Yet each intention connects with either one aspect, or many different aspects, of how we perceive our intentions: this is to say, how we identify with our self, in relation to one aspect or another, in relation to one person, or everyone around us: is all part of the interpretation of the intentions we select, share, and wear; thus, how we apply each intention in relation to the present moment…

Positive Intentions

As you select your intentions for your Intention Stick, be exceptionally honest with yourself. This is to say: which intention will help you, whether it’s for something significant, and purposeful in your life – or something more subtle?; which intention, or intentions, will help encourage, and guide you to be of more service to others, and your self? 

In addition, it is important to be thoughtful of our intentions, and of how many intentions we select, share, and wear inside the Intention Stick.  And so, we recommend, either one, two, or three intentions at a time. 

The Intention Stick jewlery with intentions and packaging

Twenty-Two Words of Intention

Be, Let it Be

Laugh and Joy

Based on each circumstance, you may be inspired to change an intention; as to move forward, through any moment, gracefully.


Intentions can be changed daily, monthly, or once a year.


As you wear this spiritual tool close to your heart, it is a constant and physical reminder of your intentions: what, who, or where you are impelled towards; or what you impel yourself towards; as you discern your truth, in pursuit of your purpose.

Intention Gifts Attention

Our Mission and Purpose

Our purpose is to shift consciousness and awaken people to the powers with themselves; to transform personal circumstances; and to create positive change in world; ultimately, connecting all humanity as one. 

Our mission is to unify the collective of humanity through a global spiritual awakening, ignited by the realization of the power held by intention. 

An ancient Greek Proverb, which resonates with us, emphasizes: “A society grows great when old men plant trees, the shade of which they know they will never sit in.”  

With Intentions of Light, Love, and Gratitude
Scott and Marla


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