Friends wearing the Intention Stick

First, the idea behind the Intention Stick is that it is a profound gift. Whether we give this gift to ourselves, to others, or receive it as a gift from someone else, the first step is to acknowledge its power.

Second, is to acknowledge the Intention Stick, which is in-and-of-itself a metaphor for our physical bodies. It is an empty vessel into which we place words of intention.

Why is this significant? Because every day we recreate the creation story. We emerge from darkness into light, and we confirm our existence by saying: “I am,” and it’s the words we choose that define our reality.

Each morning, we are in effect, empty, so what we fill ourselves with is so important. Just as we nourish our body with good food, we must nourish our souls with good intentions; to do that we invoke the mind, the heart, and our soul. The act of placing words of intention into this vessel is so powerful. It then encircles our heads and rests between our heart and throat chakras so that it becomes a direct connection to the divine.

Acknowledge the Gift

Filling ourselves up

The Power of Intention

There is both spiritual and physical power behind the act of intention. Numerous scientific studies connect the power of human intention with the ability to affect inanimate objects, other people, and even time and space. We cannot overstate the power of the words we choose to identify ourselves, good or bad, and the Intention Stick is part of a journey to rewire our subconscious to remove negative thoughts and energy and replace them with positive words of intention that are compatible with a vibrant, grateful, beautiful life.


Positive intentions also invoke the Law of Attraction. In the universe, there is no distinction between what is bad and what is good. Only humans perceive things as good or bad. So it is so important that we only focus on positive intention; otherwise, we receive what we don’t want, rather than what we do want.


Think of yourself as a magnet. You can either attract bad things or good things. Ultimately, you are entirely responsible for what you attract, and even those things are more subtle than black and white, or good and bad. Often, the not-so-good things that happen are meant to teach us a lesson, allowing us to move to a higher level of consciousness, attracting more good to us at greater abundance and speed. To get to a certain level of consciousness, where your perspective is fine-tuned, we must reprogram our selves in how we think about, and talk about ourselves.

Why the Tree of Life

Engraved on the outside of the Intention Stick is the Tree of Life. It is an image that Scott was inspired to design onto a pendant for Marla for their 21st wedding anniversary almost eight years ago. Since then, the Tree of Life has appeared to them in meditation and prayer as a divine symbol at some of the most profound times, leading them to an understanding that it must be on the Intention Stick for everything that it represents.


The Tree of Life is not a religious symbol, yet it appears in every spiritual and religious text throughout history. It too is a metaphor for divine knowledge, universal truth, the multiple dimensions of our reality and in a sense even double helix of the DNA that makes up the building blocks of all creation.

Tree of Life World

The 22 Words

There is a concept in Kabbalah called “Tikun,” which means “repair” but in a broader sense of one’s life’s purpose. The idea is that when we fulfill our purpose in this lifetime, we will be healed and move to a higher spiritual plane.

According to Kabbalah, each word has 72 different interpretations. So, whatever your word you are thinking, it is covered by one of the 22 words of intention.

Place no more than three words in your intention stick at a time. Considerable energy surrounds our intentions, and having too many can be heavy spiritually. One day, a member reached out to us to say his neck had been hurting since putting on his Intention Stick. As we spoke, we found he had placed eight words of intention inside!

The best way to choose your words is to be honest with yourself and think about what you are depleted of inside. Sometimes we may want to meditate, let the words speak to us and choose the ones that help us to focus on that Intention.

Or you may think about what you truly want to manifest in your life. Maybe you want to set an intention for someone else; what do they need? But remember, going back to “Tikun,” fill ourselves first, then help others. We cannot possibly give what we do not have. If we don’t have love or compassion or health in our own lives, how can we share that with others?

Each of the words of intention were chosen for their multiple meanings (a concept that has ancient roots). For example, every Hebrew letter has a numerical value and 72 meanings. So you may wonder why “hope” is not one of the 22 words. That’s because hope is a part of Faith (one of the 22 words), but Faith is stronger and encompasses the idea of hope (hope carries with it uncertainty, so Faith has certainty, so it is a more complete word).

The word “success” can encompass, financial success, relationship success, fitness progress, positive health outcomes, a smashing opening night for your one-act play, or bid for an Olympic medal.

Often we are dealing with circumstances we have no control over, but of course, we ask for the best. By setting the intention “Be, Let It Be” and then sending it up to the universe to take care of it. We can bridge that Intention with “Faith” to reinforce a certainty of the best possible outcome. We can put different words in our Intention Stick for various intentions, or we can put a few words in to give more power to one intention.

Be diligent in your mind with your intentions and be positive. It is the best way to feed it, so the universe receives the message and gives you back what you want to manifest.

The Intention Stick jewlery with intentions and packaging

The Words of Intention






Be, Let it Be









Laugh and Joy








Words can be changed daily, monthly, or even yearly. It depends on what you feel depleted of, and what you wish to manifest in your life.

Intention Gifts Attention

Day to Day Guidance

Putting the words of intention into your Intention Stick is only the first step in your journey. Write down the words you selected in a journal so that you can keep track of your progress. Every night before you go to bed set your intentions for your sleep.  Say to yourself affirmations like: “I’m going to sleep well, and through the whole night.” “When I awake, I will feel refreshed and grateful,” “I will be happy and healthy and ready for an amazing day.” Then when you awake, stay for a moment to hold your space and be aware that you are alive, begin your day by being grateful for all that you have. Then, if you wish, you can reset your intentions for the day and change out your words if needed.  Contemplate words you have chosen. Consider not the absence of anything, but the good things that you have that are related to those words. Then, write down what you are grateful for.

We recommend that you learn to meditate. To meditate means to sit quietly and try to push all thoughts out of your head. It takes practice, but you can do it. Keep your phone on do not disturb and find a way to be undisturbed. Surprisingly, with practice, you can meditate even in noisy surroundings. The point is to go blank. Why is that important? Because you reach a state of balance so that you can begin to build momentum in the right direction. Often wonderful ideas or insights may come to you following meditation, but not every time. Give yourself a break and empty yourself of all thoughts and emotions even if it’s only for 30 seconds. Build up to about 20 minutes or more if you can but any time meditating is essential.

Remember, you need to let go (Be / Let it be) of years of negative thoughts and emotions, so it takes practice and consistency. The Intention Stick will help you, and what you once thought was out of your reach will suddenly and more frequently be within your easy grasp.

We love you, and we are so thankful to have you as part of our journey along with the thousands of people whose lives have transformed as a result of this beautiful spiritual tool.

With Intentions, Gratitude, Light and Love

Scott and Marla