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Our Story

Scott and Marla Berger of the Tree of Life Movement

Scott and Marla Berger founded and created the Tree of Life Movement and the Intention Stick in 2012, and the Tree of Life Movement (TOLM) Foundation in 2020. The Tree of Life Movement's mission is to unify humanity through a global, spiritual awakening, ignited by the realization of the power held by positive intention.  When we live a life of intention, we live a meaningful and purposeful life; which ultimately connects us to our higher self and consciousness. 


Scott and Marla created the Tree of Life Intention Stick, because they believe, from their hearts, there is a bigger purpose to all of this; how this will be meaningful for our family and friends, our communities, and everyone in the world: to inspire, uplift, and help one another; to find meaning and purpose in life; to expand our hearts, our minds, and our points of view; and to focus on positive intention, for positive attention…

They share the philosophy – and point of view – that children are the seeds of our future; and it is our obligation and responsibility to encourage and help children grow in every way possible – as to live a life of intention. The Tree of Life Movement Foundation works alongside relief agencies to help expand the impact of their work; and help support at-risk children connect with a positive state of awareness and sense of self: that they are loved, and can will their dreams into fruition.

Scott and Marla believe that after children receive the essentials, we cannot merely walk away; because there are the spiritual components and aspects to attend to – to feel encouraged, inspired, and loved. For this reason, we created and founded the Silicon Intention Stick; which is in its practical application a constant and physical reminder to encourage, impel, and compel children to connect with positive intention.

 Guiding Principles

The Intention Stick intentions



For every Tree of Life Intention Stick that someone is gifted, one tree is planted in honor of that person, as a gift to Mother Earth.


We've teamed up with Gompers Arizona: an organization which helps adults with disabilities, such as Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and Down Syndrome; and with their help, each Intention Stick is sealed with love. 

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