The Tree of Life Intention Stick

The Tree of Life Intention Stick has changed the lives of many through its inspiring and spiritual energy. 

This tube-shaped “vessel” was designed with the Tree of Life emblazoned upon it, and to hold your word or words of intention close to your heart.

Each Intention Stick comes with twenty-two words of intention; of those intentions, we suggest only one, two, or three be placed in the stick to connect your purpose with the power of your heart and mind. As you wear the Intention Stick necklace, the synergy that transpires between the Intention Stick and your body sends your chosen intention into the universe, bringing it to life. It is a physical transmutation of the vibration surrounding the “Power of Intention,” it’s connection to the act of “receiving” to your mind, body, and soul, the essential process of realizing your dreams. 

There is a growing body of scientific evidence connecting the power of human intention and it is our belief, the Intention Stick is a conduit from which miracles spring every day. One day we hope to conduct our own scientific study of the Intention Stick to demonstrate quantitatively this power. So every time you give an intention stick to someone you love, we get one step closer to that dream. 

We invite you to watch these testimonials from those who wished to share their personal and miraculous manifestations.  

The Tree of Life Guiding Principles


We created these 9 Guiding Principles for what we believe is the core of the Tree of Life Movement. We offer them to you; for guidance, to help us all stay aligned in our direction, and to serve as beacons of light as each of us go through life’s journey.


Tony and Tim