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Welcome to the media page. Here you will find Scott & Marla's Biography, high resolution photos and other useful information for media sources.

Marla and Scott Berger, owners of Addison Taylor fine jewelry in Scottsdale Arizona have been designing jewelry for three decades, but it’s through their business all these years later that they have found their purpose. It’s much bigger than you could possibly have ever dreamed or imagined. It all started eight years ago with their 21st wedding anniversary, Scott says “an image of the Tree of Life came to him,” so he designed a pendant for Marla with the front embossed with the Tree of Life and the names of their children engraved on the back. Marla loved wearing the children’s names close to her heart and said that they subsequently came to understand that they came together for a divine reason and a bigger purpose. Following the lightning strike of an idea. They started designing collections of jewelry for different charities and causes and that included one for the Pop and his efforts in helping refugee children around the world. Eventually the Royal Family got wind of it and invited the Bergers along with 23 other visionaries and world leaders to Windsor Castle for a summit about shifting global consciousness. 


They actually slept at the castle for 4 days, something virtually unheard of for an American. During the visit a representative of the Royal Family told the couple something that changed everything. He said “this is not just a foundation you are starting, it’s a movement, it’s much bigger than you could possibly ever have dreamt or imagined.” 


Scott and Marla started receiving the same 22 words during mediation, a further sign that the were on the right track. Eventually they would design the Intention Stick. Engraved with the Tree of Life as a tube into which one, two or three of those words of intention could be placed. 

The Intention Stick is a metaphor for ourselves, we must fill ourselves up with all we are depleted of and in doing so we ignite the power of human intention. This puts us in a state of receiving where we became part of a global consciousness. That consciousness is the source of all love and all knowledge. It is the source from which Einstein drew his theory of relativity, where Newton made a connection between an apple and gravity and from which Mozart drew the elements of some of the worlds most important compositions. 


Since launching the Movement, nearly 20,000 Intention Sticks have been gifted around the world and hundreds of miracles have been recorded, many of which can be found on the TreeofLifeMovement.com website. They’ve partnered with an organization called Gompers comprised of differently abled workers who assemble the Intention Sticks into beautiful recycled packaging. 99 cents of every Intention Stick is donated to the Arbor Day Foundation for their Hundred Million Trees initiative. 


They travel the country speaking to groups about the power of positive Intention. Intention Sticks are worn by celebrities like Lindsay Wagner, Rainn Wilson, Tim Cook and many others. Doctors and clinicians use the Intention Stick as part of their treatment protocols. Like Dr. Beth Dupree, one of the foremost oncological surgeons in the world. People have reported walking after being wheelchair bound, recovering from relapses of Lupus or Multiple Sclerosis and overcoming addictions and broken families. 


They are determined to do their part to change the world, one tree and one soul at a time. 

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