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Tree of Life Movement Intention Stick Background

We have all asked ourselves, why am I here? There are 22 answers.

​Our mission is to unify the collective of humanity through a global spiritual awakening, ignited by the realization of the power held by intention.

Living a life of intention helps guide and connect you...

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I Am Here, Why? shares (in)tentional, (in)timate, and (in)trospective stories about meaningful connections from the Tree of Life Movement. These stories individually and as they are woven together explore the question: “I Am Here, Why?”. These stories, as they reflect meaningful connections with self, people they’ve just met, and family, friends, and communities, demonstrate dynamic shifts of negative to positive connections and experiences; and demonstrate physical-and-emotional transformations of healing.

The discerning link between these stories is the Tree of Life Intention Stick; which is in its practical application a constant and physical reminder to help us connect with our positive intentions. As each person gifts or receives an Intention Stick and the blessings of Intention, this encourages us to attend to our connections and experiences: for both our self and the people in our lives. 

With the mission and purpose of connecting all humanity as one, from the unifying aspect of positive intention, people are connecting with and reflecting on their past experiences, connections, and boundaries; as to move onward, upward, and forward; as a way to attend and interact within the present moment. Because these stories are transformational, the messages which we connect to and with, as we read these experiences, helps us to improve, focus, and strengthen ourselves; and helps us (the collective us) better ourselves within the collective as human beings. 

The grand journey of life is a premise to share and strengthen, as we uplift and inspire our self and one another. We’re excited to share and celebrate these introspective stories within

I Am Here, Why? with our families and friends, with our communities, our dear brothers and sisters, and all of the students around the world in search of light, love, and gratitude.

Positive intention

to stay present

Positive attention

to stay found 

Positive connection and

experiences to unify

The Tree of Life Intention Stick


Which intentions will help guide you to arrive with more awareness? As to strengthen and improve your connections and experiences with your family, friends, and community? And with the world?

Tree of Life Movement Pledge

The Tree of Life Community

The Tree of Life Movement, through the unifying aspect of intention, gifts attention, connects us to a higher level of awareness of self and others - to therefore create, strengthen, and grow with our family, friends and community, and by extension... the world 

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