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Why am I here?

Humans have asked that existential question for millennia. Each of us longs for meaning, especially in a troubled world. A search for the meaning of existence not only lies in ourselves but extends to us as business people. 

Why do I exist to do what I do?  

Leaders ask themselves why they exist in the roles they serve; can they motivate their people? Can they bring positive returns to shareholders? What purpose does this company serve in its own existence to make the world a better place, to advance civilization, to bring forth new ideas and innovations? 

It seems the answers to those questions can come in many forms. But it begins with intention; Being curious about ourselves and the nature of our purpose. 

The power of positive intention is not a new idea; it has been studied, documented, and recounted. In fact, I have always felt that doing the right thing in life and in business leads not only to success, but it pushes the idea of rightness forward, and new leaders and entrepreneurs emerge. Over the past decade, the most ethical companies have also proved themselves to be the most profitable over the long term.

In a recently released study by Just Capital,100 of the most ethical and just and enlightened companies in America consistently outperformed the competition, year over year, by one to four percentage points. Credible research has demonstrated that companies that were early adopters of policies that positively addressed Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance issues have performed better financially than companies that ignore these issues.

How can a business owner and/or executive harness the power of positive intention to transform their own business?

I’ve stumbled on something quite remarkable when it comes to answering that provocative question. 

My colleagues and friends Scott & Marla Berger are about four years into creating a transformative cause called the Tree of Life Movement.

This movement aims to deliver the power of intention into all areas of society with a primary focus on children at risk. 

There’s a long story here about how it came about, starting with a meeting with Pope Francis, leading to the British Royal Family and culminating in their developing a simple tool called an Intention Stick wherein one can select 22 words of intention and place them inside a capsule engraved with the Tree of Life. 

They have already reached thousands of people worldwide, and evidence is pouring in about how the belief in positive intention has caused people to become well, resolve conflicts, enjoy personal growth and business expansion. However, this is not enough. I want to help & support them to deliver interventions to millions across the globe, hence today’s post into my network, 

My mission:

For me personally, my mission is to leave a legacy where I can stand proud and tell stories of how I changed the lives of millions of people globally, through providing education, qualifications and careers through digital mediums to help level the playing field for talent globally. I am on my journey of intention toward this legacy and my words, inside my intention stick are: 

Courage – Having the personal courage to follow my passion and my dream 

Be, let it be – Do not dwell on past failures or past traumas but learn from them and use them to drive me on and to live for today

Trust – Trust in my journey and know that where I am headed is in the right direction 

Businesses today have a critical role in building a sustainable future for our children and our planet. Each of us needs to do our part to forge a path to restoring public trust and ensuring long-term survival. 

I invite you to visit their site at and see for yourself some of the miraculous things that are happening.

And finally. If you are a large corporate or an individual seeking to find your purpose, and through the power of intention want to help us on this journey, we have recently launched a medium where you can help us put these sticks and the power of intention into the hands of children at risk globally. 

Thank you for reading my story. 

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