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3 Stories in One

The day I arrived at your gallery to hear all about the journey and the new Tree of Life intension stick  I was having a couple challenging days and for the last 6 months trying hire someone that had resigned that tied in several youth groups and other groups as well.  As you gave me the intention stick I put in a word that I felt very strongly about... I know it sounds crazy but I woke me up right then and there with an extra skip in my step. I left your gallery and went to my office and when I sat down at my desk within five minutes the phone rang and it was the person calling to say please come pick up the check in full and sorry about the confusion, that was the first story.

As I got up and on my way out to our lobby I overheard a young woman saying to our receptionist she and her husband and 17-month-old daughter were moving to town and she was hoping to find a job with my organization working with youths and anything else you may have available. I brought her into my office and quickly realize she was relocating from St. Louis which is where my daughter goes to law school. We quickly realized that my daughter was her last president at her job in St. Louis and was invited to my daughter's wedding. My new friend competed with two others for the position and overwhelming got the job and is sitting in her workstation outside my office as we speak, that was story #2.

Story #3 I had suddenly come down with a horrendous case of sciatica in my left leg and couldn't lift my leg more than 2 inches off the ground. I never experienced such searing, burning pain in my life! Numbness in the knee, throbbing in the five. In desperation, I grab for my necklace and place the word "Health "in it. The pain significantly diminished over the next week and now, one month after not taking the necklace off, I am 85% healed. I have seen the power the positivity of the necklace brings to the wearer and those around them. I drank the Kool-Aid and have since given my wife and son their own tree of life intention stick necklaces…

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