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A Story from Tim and I

You may have noticed this necklace that Tim and I wear all the time now. It was made by our dear friends Scott Berger and Marla Berger. How can I tell this story and do it justice? The necklace we wear is the tree of life and within it are words that we selected to place intention on. Each necklace comes with 22 words you can choose from. The tree of life is significant for many reasons, one as the symbol of unity that we are all one, and two it is a symbol of physical reality - the four dimensions we see as humans and the many other dimensions folded in on themselves (string theory and quantum physics). This necklace of intention has power and as Scott and Marla told the story of how they created this from their own spiritual journey to help heal the world they told us of many other people whose lives have been made better from wearing the necklace and living with intention. For those who know me you know I am a combination of artist and scientist so I am spiritual and skeptical all at the same time. When Scott asked Tim and I to come to their gallery Addison Taylor Fine Jewelry we did not know what to expect. As Scott told me the story I felt certain I was in for a heavy pitch on a new company idea or something to that effect. He did not know that I was supposed to be in bed that day, that I had been suffering a flare up that kept me from being fully present. The pain in my body had been present for a week, like the flu in my joints and muscles--a typical MS type flare up. But as he presented the necklaces to us and told us that he and Marla wanted to give them to us as a gift, I began to cry. He told us that they want to get this necklace onto as many humans as possible and that together we are one. They wanted nothing from us but to share their gift with us. Of course, I began to cry as I do whenever I'm faced with a selfless gesture. As he placed the necklace first on my neck (after I selected my words) and then on Tim's and told us that they love us. About five minutes passed before I realized I had no more pain. The throbbing in my body was gone. Like it had been turned off. This is not a typical experience for me and so we were profoundly moved by the experience and we committed ourselves to telling our story and sharing this news with anyone who is ready to receive it. While yes, the necklaces can be purchased we did so with the intention of gifting them to others. Scott And Marla could certainly ask for a lot of money for them but they don't the cost is just enough to cover the cost. Their gesture to us healed me that day of my pain. While I'm far from cured, I know that the intense pain is gone and I know my heart and Tim's as well is full. We plan to share this with our closest friends as our gift to them. We invite you to do the same. Love to you all and let's heal the world, one branch of the tree at a time.

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