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Another Amazing Intention Story

Hi guys I love hearing all of the amazing stories and blessings that are happening. Here is another one!

One of the woman who was gifted with an Intention Stick was having a really rough time the last year for some reason, kind of floundering and could not figure out why as she had always been successful and was making money but did not fill that fulfilled.  She was debating how much of her past and story to share with the world as some is very personal but she realized that the more you share your truth it helps not only heal yourself but allows others to open up as well. This really became clear when so many of the leaders and speakers are male, not female and felt like she could empower more women and girls if she was to be fully authentic and transparent with her story.

She had a crazy scenario happen when she was 12 years old and overdosed on a prescription drug because she got mad she was not allowed to go to a party (her dad was president of a pharmaceutical company so there were plenty of pills around the house). She ended up having to be in the hospital for 2-3 nights in the pediatric unit. One night someone came in the hospital room in the middle of the night........weeks after she was home she asked her mom if "she had a test done to see if she was a virgin". Needless to say her mom was horrified as she had not and they realized it was a sexual assault, in the middle of the night in the hospital.( She was in a room with 2 infants that were in metal cribs).  Many things later happened from a cousin sexually abusing her to too much drinking from 6th grade to freshman year of high school. When she knew her life was about to go to one extreme or the other she always chose the high road and got out of the place that she was in as she realized only negative could come from drinking and hanging out with the wrong people....

When the Intention Stick was given to her she put in health and success. She immediately stopped taking Adderral, not even her husband knew she was taking it, actually nobody knew but her guilty self.  She felt she needed something to get out of her funk/ floundering. She forgave everyone who wronged her in any way in her life and she forgave herself.

Last week she was given a new beautiful Intention Stick as a gift from a beautiful couple. Most likely because she didn't do well polishing her first one. She put in "mindful", "faith" and "success".  In the last 6 days images and very powerful thoughts and visions have been flowing her way. She made a decision to start another business, bought the domains and ordered material knowing she will be on Shark Tank and be able to make a difference even more throughout the world with money that is made, specifically in the human trafficking issues and the areas of empowering others.

Oh and the Name of the company has the word "Intention" in it.

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