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Drumming up Human Intention

We are delighted that Sean Erick, who is Justin Timberlake's trumpet player is a huge fan of the Intention Stick. He texted Scott & Marla with this wonderful note the other day: "Just wanted to express my gratitude again for this wonderful symbol of positivity that I have been wearing. Feel free to tag your page in any of the photos you see. I don’t think I have really taken it off unless necessary so there should be plenty to go off of. Maybe see you in AZ?"  We just want to say thank you Sean. Wonderful humans like you who get this experience and what it means to the world is what keeps us going.  It matters not, from what walk of life we come from, the power of human intention will heal the world. We thank you Brother Sean! Much love, Scott & Marla! @seanthetrumpet #treeoflifemovement #intentionstick

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