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Frontdoors Magazine – The Power of Intention

Carey Peña has done a brilliant job telling our story. We are so grateful for her beautiful writing. We are so blessed to be able to share this incredible Tree of Life movement with a magazine like Frontdoors Magazine. Click here to read the entire article.

The Bergers are successful jewelers in the Valley and founders of the Tree of Life movement. They are community builders. When I first interviewed them on my podcast, Carey Peña Reports, they were preparing to launch the Tree of Life movement. As part of this movement, they created an intention stick necklace. Inside, you place your word. Your intention. The Bergers believed that these intention sticks would have the power to connect and grow people like branches of a tree. And hopefully, lift us all to a higher level. “We believe people from all walks of life have value and that we are ultimately part of one universal soul,” Scott said. “We are dedicated to helping people realize the power of human intention and the miracles that result from each of us, individually, deciding to choose a path of intention."

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