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Gianna's Story

This is Gianna, here is my statement about my teacher and the necklace: 

Lisa Moore and I have been friends for almost two years or so. I was in Lisa’s class for junior year and we became friends. It started out with me reading a book in her class and Lisa showing an interest into it. She showed me a new love for books that I had never felt before. We would talk when class ended every day that had grew into a friendship. When junior year was over I knew that I wanted to be her student aid and to spend more time with her. Over this senior year our friendship had grown and our bond had deepened. When she told me that she was moving away I had felt very sad because I wanted to come back and visit her for years to come. When I had gotten the necklace I knew it would be perfect for her. I thought it would symbolize our friendship and always keep us connected. When I had given her the necklace she started to tear up and then cried. We hugged and she told me that she was going to miss me very much. She said it made her feel connected because I had a necklace to match. #intentionstick #treeoflifemovement

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