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Love from Liz

Dearest Scott and Marla,

For many weeks I had been praying and Asking God, that those with compassion and love in their hearts have a willingness to express and share with the rest of the world all the good they have within them, to help overcome the hate and vitriol being experienced in our world. Little did I know the day of my visit with you (for another reason), would be the day that my life would be sent into an unexpected trajectory.

As you can see in the attached photo I am wearing my Tree of Life Intention Stick. That smile was not always real(the way it is now). As a matter of fact I had a lump in my throat, which one of my doctors referred to as an emotional lump(nothing physical). It was determined to be from sadness and sorrow, and no matter what I did it just wouldn't go away. This "emotional lump" had existed for many years.

Scott and Marla, just before you prayed, you said to me "together we are one". I believe this with all my being, because as you placed the necklace on my neck and you both embraced me, I felt a sudden flood of emotions and they flowed in the form of tears (sobbing). The sadness and sorrow began to diminish at a very rapid pace. In the place of this sadness and sorrow now exists a renewed joy, energy, hope, peace, and love. I still get chills at the thought of what transpired. Your love and positive energy filled my empty cup. My duty/purpose is to be an ambassador/messenger and spread this to others.

Words cannot do justice for what I experience on a daily basis. As I share my experience with others, I feel a deep connection with people I don't even know.

Thank you again for following your life's purpose and sharing with others the experience of this amazing journey!

The words I selected for my intention are "Be/Let it be". God has delivered something beyond anything I could have ever imagined.

Much love and peace to two of the mightiest of messengers!

Love, Liz

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