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Michelle connects to the past to create an amazing future.

Good Morning beautiful people. I start with wishing you a beautiful Mother's Day Marla. I know you are both surrounded by love and good fortune because you have gifted the planet with power intentions. The journey that has brought me to this moment has been amazing. It seem like I have had the Tree of Life intention stick for years. Yet it has been a week!! It has graced my neck during my largest loudest and deepest cries for support awareness compassion healing and love. What follows is a Vision that was given, a Vision that has developed and grown to connecting with people that would have the right key's to expand the overall mission.

I was lead to turn to my pain and dig deeper... when I did I found myself surrounded with my ancestors... my GrandMama who words can not explain and my Great GrandMama Pearl and my GramGram all there as my warrior angel shining the light. The pain is in the bloodstream.

As I grow in understanding the remedy I understand that the necklace is a huge part. Acting as a a portal to our ancestors and angels ... this was the gift I received on Friday when a goddess of healing sat with me and cracked open the door & the window letting the light in I have been asking for ... I am beyond grateful. I look forward to meeting up with you this week or weekend. - Michelle L.

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