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Scott and Marla are SoScottsdale

Photo credit: Claudia Johnstone for SoScottsdale Mag.

Every once in a while a reporter comes along who does a brilliant job telling our story. We are so grateful to Mandy Holmes for her beautiful writing.

We are so blessed to be able to share this incredible Tree of Life movement with a magazine like SoScottsdale that is read by so many Arizona influencers.

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Scott and Marla Berger are no strangers to designing jewelry. It was, however, a welcome surprise when they discovered much more in one of their necklaces – the Tree of Life Intention Stick that has now become the token of an international phenomenon known as the Tree of Life Movement.

The Scottsdale-based husband and wife duo behind Addison Taylor Fine Jewelry hasn’t always been in the business of crafting luxury jewelry or creating global movements. After owning a successful cheesecake company, the Bergers found a passion for filling people with joy, and, from there, Scott transitioned into the jewelry industry, where, together, they have been designing jewelry for decades.

The Tree of Life Intention Stick is a result of a design Scott created for Marla as an anniversary present, and it has evolved into a way to bring together their love of creating gorgeous jewelry while uniting mankind through the power of intentions. Taking inspiration from their four children, the Bergers began sharing a message of empowering others to create a better world, which has now had a global ripple effect. By allowing people to come together regardless of religion, race or societal barriers, the Tree of Life Movement is much more than its namesake necklace. The Bergers believe there is a healing power by wearing your intentions close to your heart.

Each pendant is carefully designed to be used as a way to open one’s heart and allow the intentional words placed inside to inspire change within oneself, others and the world. The intention sticks are available in metals including rose gold, copper and stainless steel and can be filled with any combination of 22 powerful words that come with the necklace – words like success, health, love, faith, gratitude and light. Once the words are picked out and placed in the stick, the belief is that the wearer is open to letting those intentions in and to receiving their effects.

“We do what we do because it allows us to inspire people to live a life of intention, meaning and purpose,” Marla says. “When you can inspire someone, they can inspire another.”

In today’s world, most people can agree it’s refreshing to find something designed to unify us all, no matter our differences. Scott shares, “Everyone is going through something, and by keeping your intentions close to your heart, it radiates positivity and love, allowing oneself to be filled back up with what they have been so desperately in need of.”

In line with radiating positivity, for every Intention Stick sold, a tree is planted in disaster areas around the world to signify new life. Even the production process is green – each Intention Stick is designed with sustainable materials so as to not harm the environment during its manufacturing process. In addition to taking care of Mother Earth, a percentage of proceeds from Tree of Life Intention Sticks go back to charities in the community – locally, nationally and globally. In Arizona, the Bergers partner with Gompers, an organization of adults with cerebral palsy, autism and Down syndrome to provide those people with the opportunity of employment by fulfilling each order with love.

Sharing the Movement

Over a year ago, Scott and Marla were among a select group of visionaries from around the world invited to England’s Windsor Castle, by the Royal Family themselves no less, to advise the family on how to heal the world. After returning from a four-day stay at the castle, the Bergers we were made International Leadership Fellows of St. George’s House and Windsor Castle. It was during this experience that they got to see the effect their Tree of Life Movement was having firsthand from the other side of the globe.

“The amount of times people tell us that they are connecting with others because they notice someone else has an Intention Stick is beyond words,” Scott says. “This has evolved into something beyond what we could have ever dreamed.”

The Tree of Life Movement aims to create a worldwide spiritual awakening to connect people, and Marla says that the journey of launching the movement is a testimony to the power of the law of attraction.

“There’s nothing better than sharing in the stories of healing from people that have experienced the power of the Intention Stick,” Marla says. “Whether it’s physical health issues or emotional hardships, there is nothing that cannot be addressed and improved by unleashing the power of positive thinking.”

From people who have found improvements to chronic diseases to friends finding great success in their professional lives, the stories that have been shared with the Bergers as a result of wearing an Intention Stick are what they find to be the most gratifying.

“Marla and I are excited to wake up each day to see what beautiful new souls are brought into our lives and see how we can help, heal or touch one more person,” Scott says.

Both Scott and Marla have faith that the Tree of Life Movement will not only help people heal themselves, but that it will also help those who have been healed connect with those around them. Besides working to unify the world one person at a time, the Bergers and their company have an equally as great goal: To get an Intention Stick to every person on earth and to have it in every language, including brail, thereby giving everyone the power to live with intention.

Learn more about the Bergers and join the movement at

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