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Wendy's Story

Scott and Marla, Through out our lives we run into many influential people.  You just know when you meet, they know things you need to know too.  Sometimes they are family members, some are religious figures, teachers, Friends and others are just random people that come into your life at the right moment.  Even when they have been in your life before sometimes it’s all in the timing of their appearance and the relevance of what they say to what is going on in your life.  That is how I feel about you Scott and Marla.  Scott you reentered into my life 38 years later to enlighten me, guide me but most importantly reassure me good things are out there and coming my way.  You allow me to believe I have some control over that by putting it out into the world and allowing it to come back to me.  I have wanted the intention stick for at least 4 years.  It was on my Chanukah list but no one bought it for me.  I guess it was something I had to do for myself.  At dinner recently with my 97-year-old Nana I was telling her about it and she said “Now Right Now you need to order that!”  You do not argue with Nana so I did order it that night.  She like the intention stick helps me believe I am good, wonderful and that everything I want will come to be one day.   Truthfully, I am a little worried that she has always been my Intention Stick and now that I have one, she may leave this earth.  That will devastate me but as she says to me all the time “I am not going to live forever” I hope I get to have it all my Nana, My Intention Stick, The Tree of Live Movement and you Scott and Marla in my life forever!  Realistic or not that is my wish.  I wanted to thank you Scott for taking the time to speak with our Nana and I the other night when I opened my Intention Stick.  It meant the world to us to visit with you and share blessings with you.  Thank you both Scott and Marla for your vision and being brave enough to follow thru on executing it.  But mostly for sharing it and your lovely souls with the world.

PS:  I think you should have a National Day of Intention.  Contact everyone you have ever given or sold an intention stick to and have them all put the same word or words in for that day so we can all connect together and be at 100% power on our intention for ourselves and the world.

I have attached an image of me with my Intention Stick as well one of my favorite pictures of Nana with me and my sister Lisa.  I feel the love and happiness we are giving her thru our kisses in her face.  That is why it is my favorite.

All my love and best wishes

Wendy Kirsch

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