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What does it mean to live a purpose driven life?

We are all seeking the answers to life's questions. Why am I here? Do I belong? What am I supposed to do with my life? We believe the answers live within each of us, waiting to be unlocked.  That is the power of human intention. When we live with intention, we become transformed and we begin to attract all the things that we need to feel complete.

What if we told you there is an invisible force that connects all of us? You, me, the earth, the stars ... all of it connected across time and space? What if we told you that you can become disconnected from that force? Life's disappointments and challenges can take us further from that invisible force where all knowledge, love and intelligence exists?

What if we told you that we can help you reconnect to that source?


Welcome to the Tree of Life Movement.

You are here because you are not alone, you are surrounded by love, you do matter, you do have purpose, you are as important as everyone else in this world, and you are absolutely perfect the way you are.



Are you living a life of intention?

We are very proud and excited to premiere our very first Tree of Life video. Please enjoy and share with your family and friends with our blessings.


Humans have asked this existential question for millennia. And there are 22 answers.

The Tree of Life Movement.

Our mission is to unify humanity through a global spiritual awakening, ignited by the realization of the power held by human intention. We created the Intention Stick as a spiritual tool with the idea it be gifted by humankind to others so there will be a day when the world will be healed and we become one.

Thousands of miracles have been recorded as a result of this movement.

Changing the world one tree at a time … we become one®


What can you do to transform your life? 


Gift an Intention Stick to yourself or someone else and be part of the movement.

Share the #treeoflifemovement hashtag in social media. 


Send us photos of you wearing the Intention Stick and share stories about how the Tree of Life Movement made an impact in your life.


Follow us on Facebook and Instagram, the links are below. 


Finally, sign the Tree of Life Movement Pledge

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Tim and Tony San Felice wearing the Intention Stick

How can I tell this story and do it justice? The necklace we wear is the tree of life and within it are words that we selected to place intention on. Each necklace comes with 22 words you can choose from. The tree of life is significant for many reasons, one as the symbol of unity that we are all one, and two it is a symbol of physical reality – the four dimensions we see as humans and the many other dimensions folded in on themselves (string theory and quantum physics). This necklace of intention has power and as Scott and Marla told the story of how they created this from their own spiritual journey to help heal the world they told us of many other people whose lives have been made better from wearing the necklace and living with intention.

Tim & Tony San Felice

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