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A Documentary Film Makers Story Of Courage - The Tree of Life Movement Show

Each week we share with you the miracles of the Intention Stick and how it has impacted so many within our Tree of Life Movement Family.

We are all faced with challenges throughout our lives; it is how we choose to embrace those challenges that will define the deeper meaning and success in our life. It is not what happens to you; it is what you do with it.

Brooke Bierhaus is a Documentary Film Maker, photographer, and self-proclaimed coffee anthropologist and even more so, a bright light. 

This inspiring young woman placed "courage" in her Intention Stick, took a leap-of-faith, and sold her belongings to provide herself the ability to travel to 22 countries. Through her experience, she was able to film this incredible documentary, The Connected Cup. Her journey explores how sharing a cup of coffee or tea creates connections with such beautiful people from countries, cultures, and languages from around the world. In our conversation, you will discover how meeting with these individuals and how they allowed themselves to be vulnerable, honest, and open is aligned with the Intention Stick and the Tree of Life Movement. 

In the end, Brooke shares that, to her, the Intention Stick is like a vision board that you can touch and hold on to as you are reminded of your intentions, but rather than seeing it up on a board, she can see it in the world.

The importance of these beautiful stories is to let each of you know you are not alone, you are surrounded by love, you matter, you have a purpose, and you are as important as anyone else in this world. And most importantly, you are absolutely perfect just the way you are.

In a collective effort to shift and heal the world, each one of us can do our part by sharing our story. Sharing stories save lives. Please share your story at

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