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Behind Every Idea Is An Intention

Take a moment to be still and reflect on the intentions you have set for yourself this week. How are these intentions guiding you through your current obstacles, and what are you doing to stay committed to living with these intentions in your daily life? Remember, your intentions are the tools with which your soul constructs its destiny. You are responsible for creating your own experience and radiating its strength to those around you to inspire them to create their very own. This cyclical sharing of energies is what nourishes us and everyone we share our space with. 

Everything that has ever been invented began with an idea, and behind that idea was an intention. The strategy of determining an intention, imagining its outcome, and doing the work to bring that outcome to fruition is how true progress and change is achieved. Without mastering this strategy, you exist at a vibration lower than what you are capable and deserving of. Therefore you are not living in your purpose. This is not living—it is merely existing. 

The challenges of life are like the waves of a coastline relentlessly pushing against the shore. Just as the shore ensures the dryness of the land, your commitment to intentional living is what will protect your life from drowning in negative energy, which leads to undesirable outcomes. Never forget that your intentional strength is like the shore protecting you from drowning in waves of uncertainty. This strength is always within you. 


Take this moment to detach from your day-to-day programming, your workload, your to-do lists, and ground yourself with Mother Earth and the vitality of nature. Remember that your tasks will be there for you when you are ready to resume. Your obligations will be waiting to be met. Your challenges will be waiting to be conquered. None of these things are more important than the relationship you have with yourself and the nourishment you provide to your body and soul through self-care—restoration through meditation, quiet reflection, and remaining planted in the spiritual soil that enables your life to flourish. If possible, take your shoes off and allow yourself to feel and connect to Mother Earth. Take this feeling and use it to motivate you to propel yourself in the direction of the Light.

Every Sunday, we conduct conversations with beautiful souls from around the world, discussing intention and spirituality while practicing their English skills. Each time we meet, we ask the individual to share an experience they might find inspiring that happened during the week. A gentleman from Karachi began to describe a visit he made along with his wife and daughter to an impoverished village in Pakistan. As he told his story, he suddenly started saying, “I am a poor man too.” We quickly put a halt to the conversation, repeating “time out.” We explained, “you have two eyes to see, a mouth, a voice to be heard, ears to hear, hands and arms to hold and embrace, feet and legs to walk, and most of all a wife and daughter to love. At this very moment, somewhere is a man who has millions of dollars, but he is lying on his deathbed. Surely he would trade you millions of dollars for just one of your many blessings. You must shift your consciousness. If you can understand your true wealth you will never consider yourself a poor man again.

Final Thought

Only you can determine how far you will go in this life. No one is you, and that is your superpower. As the author of your own story, you choose the colors which illustrate your journey, your energy chooses which characters you attract to your plot, and you control when chapters end and when they begin. With such power over something as sacred as life, you are blessed to be in your position, and not to take full advantage of the privilege is a lost opportunity. Life moves in the direction of the opportunities granted to us by the universe, and we must seize every single one. May this be the reminder you need to fully apply yourself to greatness, resilience, and living your intentional life.

Thank you for being present with us. 

Sending you intentions of Gratitude, Light, and Love,

Marla and Scott


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