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Mid-Week Meditation - I AM LOVE; I AM LIGHT, I AM FAITH

Happy Wednesday!

Did you remember to set your intentions this week?

What intentions did you choose, and why did you choose them?

We are honored to be bringing you a mid-week message for a dose of inspiration and a little nudge to keep you on your path. It is a time in the week when we may feel as though we are being bombarded with challenges, whether personal, professional, or maybe it's the chaos from the current climate. It is our human nature that steers us off the path and brings us back to our old ways of being.

Remember, our intentions help us stay focused. Not only do they help guide us to our desired destination, intention ramps up passion, meaning, and happiness in our life no matter what is thrown our way. However, contemplating and embracing challenging or painful moments can also be an opportunity for our soul's expansion. 


Take time out for yourself. Take a walk or just step outside, breathe in the air deeply, allow the air to enter your lungs. Place your hands on top of your Intention Stick, allow yourself to connect the Intention Stick to your heart. Close your eyes, feel your heartbeat, speak and be conscious of your intentions using the I AM presence. For example, I AM LOVE; I AM LIGHT, I AM FAITH, be your intentions, and be one with Self. Write or journal your intentions. Repeat your intentions when you wake; this will set the tone of your day, and then repeat them before you go to sleep. You will receive messages from your dreams. 

Tree Of Life Movement Story

Last week we received a message from a friend sharing how he was in the hospital after he could no longer endure living with excruciating pain. According to the external world, one would define him as a success; he is a handsome man, physically fit, engaged to a beautiful woman, and has incredible kids. While in the ICU, the doctors told him he had a blockage and a tumor stemming from issues in the adrenal glands and the lower intestines. After an hour of deep discussion from his hospital bed, he said he knew he was exactly where he needed to be. We talked about his adrenals related to the blockage. For years, he had been holding everything in and not speaking his truth. The tumor connected to his intestines had to do with repressed feelings. We concluded he was full of s**t, and he needed to release all of it. We all had a good laugh. When our friend was able to connect to the deeper meaning of his illness's cause, he was able to surrender and start the healing process. We are not suggesting that you not seek medical care. We are saying that if we have the ability to produce illness in our body created by our thoughts, then we also have the adverse and equal ability to heal our bodies. Miraculously the next day, the doctors told him his blockage was gone. Though the tumor is still there, they will hold off and wait three weeks to operate. Who's to say why the surgery was postponed for three weeks. No matter the outcome, aligning these spiritual techniques with his intentions helped our friend understand that everything is going to be OK.

Final thought

Remind yourself to act on your intentions. The universe isn't hearing what you say; it hears what you mean. And as you go about the rest of your week, don't forget to extend a smile, wave to a stranger, or offer something to someone in need and always ask that it should have the most benevolent outcome. Stay positive, no matter what comes your way, and dream big because the possibilities are not only limitless; they are unending.

Sending you intentions of Gratitude, Light, and Love.

Marla and Scott

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